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Exuma offers a wide range of activities for people of all ages. Here are some of our favorites to truly experience our beautiful waters. Kitesurfing, kayaking, paddles-boarding, snorkeling and more!

swimming pigs exuma rental houses

Swim with pigs

Exuma's famous swimming pigs live the high-life on their own private island just north of Staniel Cay where visitors come to feed them in exchange for some of the most memorable vacation photos available. A day trip to the swimming pigs is an incredible experience as you navigate your way around sand bars and private islands of the rich and famous surrounded by the most pristine water imaginable. There are also shorter half-day trips to White Bay Cay.


Blue Hole

The Bahamas' blue holes are geologically unique from other blue holes in the entire world, due to their tidal nature. These underwater caves appear a deep blue when viewed above as the sides of the holes drop down deep in contrast to their surrounding light blue waters and make for a unique diving experience. Dean's blue hole is in Long Island, a half day boating excursion, that is very worthwhile.

rock iguanas exuma rental houses

Rock Iguanas

Visiting the Bahamian Rock Iguana's feels like a trip back to pre-historic times with a fun twist. These Jurrasic looking but generally friendly, endangered species are delighted to welcome respectful visitors bearing gifts of food during a stop at a number of southern Exuma cays where their populations still abound.

swimming-with-nurse-sharks-bahamas exuma rental houses.jpeg

Diving with Sharks

Forget staying home and watching Shark Week! Come swim with the friendliest sharks known to man - the laid-back Bahamian Nurse Shark, a gentle slow swimming species which in the out-islands are known primarily for their photogenic personalities.

Straw Market

One of the oldest industries in The Bahamas, straw markets allow you to shop for the perfect hand-made souvenir. Stroll through the market to choose from hats, baskets, bags and any number of other items created by craftswomen of the trade. Don't be afraid to ask for them to create something custom and unique just for you!

exuma rental houses

Take a trip and Explore

Out Island Explorers: We love having the opportunity to meet folks from all over the world and show them around our little island we call home. Our journey that led us to Exuma is kind of least we think it is.

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